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Damage Inc. is currently recruiting heavily for talented new blood, please contact an elder for immediate consideration. Hop on the train towards large fame/xp runs in a friendly cooperative environment today!


Welcome to Damage Inc., home to one of the top clans for the devoted and rare online gamer. Let us expand upon what we mean by “rare and devoted.” Damage Incorporated is but only one story within the world of Alter Aeon, a Diku-style MUD, coded entirely from scratch by our creator, Dentin.

Inside this site you will find a talented group that prides itself on the tenets of fair play, team work and total domination. And family, is what Damage Incorporated truly stands for. We have become close, both inside and outside of the endless rolling screen. Gaming is something we do as a team, but it does not define us.

This community is a place our members gather, for several reasons; to sit back, relax and have fun, an escape from reality or simply to write a new page in the story that is ours. In the lexicon of online gaming we are considered a “social clan”. This does not mean we like to lose. In fact, we tend to win far more than we lose; Hence our motto, "Never surrender, for defeat is one's only true enemy."

                            Thank you for checking us out, and enjoy.
                   Your legend begins here. (If you meet our requirements)

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